Omega-3 Oil

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Omega-3 oil (or omega-3 fatty acids) plays a crucial role in our health and has many health benefits:

Omega oil can improve brain health and development in infants and during pregnancy, can improve eye health, has been proven to fight depression and anxiety, helps to reduce the risk of heart disease, helps fight back against Alzheimer’s Disease, and much, much more.

Check out Whole Brain Health Initiative’s favorite omega-3 oil brand below. 

iWi: Omega-3

iWi Omega-3’s are algae-based and are great for heart health, brain function, lung health, immune system and your joints. Because it is algae-based, it is a great Vegan alternative to fish oil and krill oil, meaning no fishy aftertaste. This also allows 50% more absorption than fish oil and krill oil. This pack is a 30 day supply. Click the link below to purchase your pack of iWi’s Omega-3 oil supplements today.