One-on-One Health Coaching


What is One-on-One Health Coaching?

Experienced Coaches

Our experienced coaches offer paid coaching services. Please contact a coach for pricing. 

Dr. Janani Dhinakaran

Dr Janani Dhinakaran specializes in mind body health and derives exercises from Yoga, Qigong, meditation, mental techniques, breath work, expression arts therapies to create customized curriculums for her clients. She includes guidance in nutrition and lifestyle changes to empower clients to take charge of their health. Her main interests are in stress reduction and the amelioration of chronic and psychosomatic illnesses.

Dr. Stephen Cain DC

I’ve been an ACE Certified Health Coach since 2015 and have been teaching natural ways to promote a healthy brain since 2010.  It is extremely fulfilling and an honor to help people make healthy upgrades in their life. My goal is to help make everyone’s journey towards a healthy brain as enjoyable as possible!

Charles Hall

I have a passion for health and wellness. I have over 5,000 hours of personal study into health and wellness, with a special interest in nutrition. I started shortly after College in 2008 pursuing healthy living and soon went into nursing. I worked as a Psychiatric nurse for one and a half years seeing what happens with people who’s brain health has gone terribly wrong. I changed my career direction into Health and Wellness Coaching around 2010-2011 seeing the greater potential for impact on others’ lifestyle. I started my own coaching business called Good Green Everything and then Life Fire Vibrance and helped my clients improve their energy levels and nutritional awareness. I joined Whole Brain Health in early 2016 and since then I have led over 15 different programs helping over 100s of different people increase their awareness of Brain Healthy lifestyle and personally guiding dozens of people into changing their lifestyle into a brain healthy lifestyle: I successfully help others take action with drinking more water, increasing social activities, exercising more, doing more simple brain exercises, eating more organic dark chocolate and having a lot of fun learning and loving the brain.

Novice Coaches

Our novice coaches offer coaching services free of charge. Please contact a coach if interested.

Ana María Einisman

Hi, I’m Ana María, a passionate health coach living in New York with my husband and a baby girl. My lifelong love for wellness led me to graduate from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition (IIN) in 2017.

I take a holistic approach to health and wellness. I believe that all areas of our lives affect our wellbeing. Lack of sleep could be making you feel irritable and moody; work and relationship stress could elevate your food cravings and cause you to overeat. When we work together, we will look at how all parts of your life could disturb your health and we will craft a plan to reach YOUR specific goals.

My main goal is to help you create long lasting lifestyle changes. During our time together, I’ll guide you to establish healthy stress management techniques and a nutrition and exercise plan that works for your body and specific needs.

Zach Lindop

Hello! I’m an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach from the San Francisco Bay Area who specializes in matters of stress, anxiety and better self-care. I run workshops with the goal of connecting like-minded people who want to share their struggles and successes in areas such as stress, anxiety, self-care techniques, spirituality, weight-loss, nutrition, exercise and much more. I also coach people individually and hold a safe space for people to talk about any area in life they’d like to improve upon, or just anything in general they’d like to share. A spiritual person by nature, I practice meditation daily and strongly believe in good grounding and mind-body exercises. I am vegan, and also believe in the importance of whole and organic foods. I attended the Institute of Integrative Nutrition for my Health Coach certification, and also hold a Bachelors Degree from San Francisco State University.

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Lin Urborg

Health and wellness have been intimately intertwined into my life since the age of 12- a direct link to my parents health food store ownership in the 1970’s. Personal health challenges beginning with hypoglycemia in my early 20’s, continuing throughout adulthood, inspired me to seek answers which ultimately led to optimal wellness. Personal daily health regimes, research and professional education resulted in healing my 15 year sleep struggle. As a Certified Health Coach through the Dr. Sears Wellness Institute. Clients reach their health goals through L.E.A.N. 4 pillars of health – Lifestyle, Exercise, Attitude and Nutrition. I offer private consultations as well as semi-private and group classes. A fusion mind, body and spirit healing based on scientific western knowledge, eastern approaches to health as well as the use of my intuitive skills, lead to lasting results. One or more of the following may be addressed and included during any given session: specific brain optimizing exercises; sleep hygiene guidance; stabilizing blood sugar , nervous system and energy levels; healing chronic and/or acute causes of stress.

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