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Patricia Battencourt

I am a trained holistic health coach, working alongside the Whole Brain Health Initiative. My clients are referred to me when WBHI feels I can be of service to a client. I create a supportive environment that enables clients to articulate and achieve their goals. We explore basic improvements, and implement gradual changes that collectively accumulate and create a much larger impact than originally anticipated. I work on what the client wants to improve within the circumstances of their unique situation. For example, if there is a weight concern or a relationship concern be it with people or food, I briefly explain how not only food but how lifestyle affects our health. Also mentioning that our careers, our finances, our spiritual and even how much having fun, creativity or physical activity all can affect our health. 

I mentor, guide, support, and empower clients to set goals and make sustainable changes that improve health and happiness. I was professionally trained and certified by the Institute for Integrative Nutrition in 2019. In the past I was a certified medical assistant for seventeen years and I was a licensed Realtor for eight years. Also for fun I taught painting and cake decorating for ten years. I just love helping others. 


I have been in private practice since graduating from IIN, I have volunteered my coaching to some clients along the way. and also have run a Mastermind Group for health coaches. I have been an accountability coach and I have a Facebook Group for people 50 years and older. In my group I post my positive and inspirational videos that can improve anyone’s health and wellness. I love posting pictures and recipes of healthy foods I personally eat. My website is ABCsofHealthWellness.com. Also I am an author writing about my experiences in caregiving and hospice due to diabetes. My goal is to teach groups of clients on a weekly basis via live calls.

My greatest achievement is the satisfaction of seeing the improvements in a clients health and wellness through coaching I came to work with the Whole Brain Health Initiative by being referred and introduced to Janani Dhinakaran by a colleague of mine at IIN who wanted me to share in his work at WBH. After being interviewed by Janani I have had the honor and privilege of working with WBH clients. The entire team at WBH is a pleasure to work for. Their support and positive goals in helping improve brain health is amazing. I look forward to a continued long lasting relationship with WBH in helping meet their goals in improving brain health.

Feel free to email me at: patbettencourthemet@verizon.net 





Peace, I am Niashani, a certified Health and Wellness Coach from Chicago. I believe wellness begins in the mind. I am an artist, entrepreneur, and mother. I have a certification in Clinical Massage Therapy and have completed an 8-week course in Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR). Over the past two decades I have successfully helped thousands of individuals recover from chronic pain and injuries through massage. Recently, I have helped several clients to decrease their stress and anxiety, lose weight, and adapt to a more mindful lifestyle through health and wellness coaching. I also volunteer my time at Leda Health, a support group for female survivors of sexual abuse, helping them to utilize breathing, mindfulness and meditation to cope with trauma. In 2018, I produced an album, Urban Retreat, for massage, meditation and yoga. My clients are typically women who are interested in improving their health and need help achieving their wellness goals, yet I am open to all genders. I am adept in coaching a wide range of ages from seven to seventy-five. I am excited to volunteer for Whole Brain Health because I am passionate about the power of the brain to heal our bodies and want to see as many people as possible experience that power and transformation. “Niashani and I met once a week and texted back and forth. She graciously supported the small victories and never shamed me for not moving along faster. I’m back in Haiti and continue to tweak and learn how to make healthier choices. I feel better, have more energy and I have started to lose weight (7 lbs).” (LaNae Meyer/Former Client) You can read more testimonials on my website at https://www.niashaniwellness.com/testimonials



I have faced several challenges my life; chronic pain, cancer, care-giving for terminally ill friends and family, divorce, and single parenting. I have overcome each challenge by learning how to balance my mind, body, and soul with various healing modalities. One of the most important things I will do for you is listen and exercise compassion. The information you provide me combined with my intuition will help me to create a specialized program for you. We will work together via video chat or phone once a week for 6 weeks to achieve your health goals. Each session will last for 1 hour. In between sessions I will be available via email if any questions should arise. I use a combination of lifestyle assessment, journaling, breath-work, pain consultations, mindfulness, meditation, visualization, vision boarding, sound healing, and nutrition.

My gift is to ease others’ pain. I hold a special place in my heart for the wisdom, strength, and resilience of the 55+ adult population. I want to see you thrive and  help you lighten the burdens you carry through self-care, living a healthy lifestyle, and facing challenges with grace and courage. 

Choose me if:

  • You want to focus on increasing your longevity through health and nutrition.
  • You are experiencing anxiety, restlessness, or chronic pain.
  • You are looking for someone to walk with you to establish and achieve your wellness goals.
  • You want to balance your mind, body and soul.

I look forward to accompanying you on your wellness journey. Contact me at nia@niashaniwellness.com today. 



Jessica McFarland

“Ask yourself what is really important and then have the courage to build your life around your answer.”  Lee Jampolsky 

Hi, I am Jessica McFarland.  I’m a Registered Nurse with over 25 years of experience.  I am also a Board- Certified Nurse Coach who currently works in a large family practice in Brunswick, Maryland.  At the practice I like to say I’m a “jack of all trades”.  I can do anything from triage calls, give shots, as well as conduct annual Medicare Annual Wellness visits.  I enjoy the Medicare visits because it gives me a chance to speak one on one with our patients and learn their stories.  These stories can include their successes and struggles.  In the years that I’ve done these Medicare visits, I’ve learned that I’m an empathetic encourager.  As a Coach I’d like to say I’m a “jack of all trades” too.  I’ve had varied experiences with Coaching.  One success story was helping a friend on her weight loss journey.  If I can help encourage or remind someone of their next step (in their wellness journey) this brings me joy.  Work has enabled me to work with Seniors but I love working with anyone who desires and is motivated to make a change to their Health and Wellness regardless of their age.  I recently came across a Volunteer opportunity with the Whole Brain Health Initiative and was very excited when they reached out to me, as I feel the Brain plays a huge part in our Health and Wellness.  I believe it starts with the “right mindset” and it all flows from here, and by having you here today reading this, hopefully you are starting this journey (it all starts with small steps.  Yes, sometimes, baby steps). 


Coaching sessions can be anywhere from 30 – 60 minutes over a few weeks period (however long it takes to accomplish a goal(s)).  I will help you to formulate your goals and hold you accountable to them.  I will utilize video calls, phone calls and/or email to ensure this.  I can help discern these goals as an active listener who uses lots of open-ended questions (as well as utilize Meditative practices if you are comfortable).   I’ve learned its pretty powerful to be able to verbalize what’s going on not only on your mind but your heart as well.   I have lots of resources at my disposal including a comprehensive Health/Wellness inventory that looks at several facets of your well -being including Life Balance/Satisfaction, Relationships, Spiritual, Mental, Emotional, Physical/Nutrition, Physical/Exercise, Physical/Weight, Environmental, and Health responsibility.  Other resources at my disposal includes a Network of Nurse Coach colleagues from all across the US.  Two of these colleagues and I love to do presentations on various Social Media platforms.  We are currently gearing up to do a Book Club on Atomic Habits by James Clear.  Would you like to join us?  I like to describe myself as persistent and conscientious.  I dot all my “I’s” and cross all my “T’s”.  If I don’t know the answer, I will search for it.  I know what it is like to be a “patient/client” and I do my best to adhere to the Golden rule, “Do onto others as you’d have them do onto you”. 

I am a volunteer Coach.  As a Nurse, I have knowledge about the Human body and all its interconnected parts.  As a Nurse Coach I try to weave all those interconnected parts and help you create a Wellness plan customized to you.  Let me share that knowledge with you on your Wellness journey.  Some of my strengths are being a good (active) listener – which means listening carefully to your story, discovering your strengths, learning what you want to accomplish and setting up SMART (i.e., Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic and Timely) goals.  “You have nothing to lose and everything to gain” – Steve Jobs and Jessica.

If my background sounds like it would be a good fit for you, please reach out.  My email is jessmrnnc@gmail.comIt would be my pleasure being your partner in your Wellness journey!





Our experienced coaches offer paid coaching services. Please contact a coach for pricing. 

Charles Hall

Charles Hall


I am a co-founder of Whole Brain Health Initiative and I love wellness and the intelligence of the body and brain. I am a joyful, enthusiastic, caring person with a lot of initiative. I am a certified professional health and wellness coach, licensed vocational nurse in California and licensed practical nurse in Washington state, I have 7 years of public speaking and communication and leadership development, I have taught and facilitated over 500 hours of brain health classes and have reached and coached 100s of unique people to greater awareness of brain healthy lifestyles in audiences as big as 150 to as little as one on one personal coaching. I have many clients who are left with knowing that I cared and with a renewed sense of motivation to create a better lifestyle for their brain. They’ve started regular brain games, increased water intake, started healthy breath work practices, and seen the lower stress, better focus and improved memory. I work mainly with those between 45 and 75 who have frustration and confusion over what to do and how to do it as far as their memory improvement, brain nutrition and attitude. I am working with Whole Brain Health because they are leading the way to show improving the brain can be fun and sustainable. I hope to help my clients who find me as a part of this organization to create the best goal ever with the clearest next steps and progress tracking and it will be the easiest and most fun thing you do. 


The coaching sessions will involve:

  1. How are you doing today?
  2. Check in on previous action items.
  3. Checking progress via metrics agreed on (i.e. water intake, time of exercise, time doing brain exercises, blood sugar levels etc.)
  4. Open-ended conversation for growth and learning around brain lifestyle and attitude,
  5. Actions items.

My sessions are 15 minutes to 1 hour depending on the needs of the client. What is special about my sessions is that I lead with emotional intelligence and caring alongside left brained logic and personal progress tracking. If these are what you like then I am confident we are a match! I make spreadsheets with color coding, keys and planning that you will be surprised you actually enjoy using! My speciality is brain nutrition and I can go very in depth with respect to that aspect of our planning. My price is $100 per hour one-on-one. 

I can provide guidance in the best behavioral change strategies that work for long term results, brain nutrition and brain exercises. I can help with poor focus, poor short term memory, and sadness around poor brain health or lack of motivation.

My work in a nutshell is this: work with me and have the best time ever making the best of your brain!

Feel free to email me at: chall@wholebrainhealth.org

Dr. Janani Dhinakaran

Janani Dhinakaran

Hi, I’m Janani Dhinakaran. I’m a Health Coach with a Lifestyle Coaching Certificate (YMCA) and a PhD in Neuropsychology. I am well trained in mind body health and often use Qigong, Yoga, breathwork and mental exercises along with nutrition and lifestyle changes to help improve my clients’ health. Since 2016 I have helped around a hundred people in one-on-one coaching or in the context of preventive health classes. I help those with chronic illnesses improve their quality of life using positive lifestyle changes. I specialise in autoimmunity but have a wide range of experience with prediabetes, anxiety, stress reduction, acidity, weight loss etc. I have helped people from the age of 15-86. I’ve worked with WBH since 2018 in various capacities; as a Brain Club facilitator, Program Director, Health Coach Lead and as a Health Coach. I look forward to being able to help you work towards your health goals!

The coaching sessions happen using video calls that last from 45-60 minutes in which I would review your progress based on previous recommendations and introduce new exercises, suggestions etc. accompanied by explanations of how they work when it will aid you to adopt the change. Since each client comes with different goals and needs.

I use a customised combination of the following to help you:

  • Nutrition and dietary guidance
  • Mind Body Practices: Qigong, Yoga, Meditation, Breathing exercises
  • Lifestyle habits: Sleep, Physical activity, Cognitive challenge
  • Mental techniques: Self hypnosis, Visualisations
  • Expression arts therapy: Writing, Art, Drama, Music
  • Support and accountability to reinforce positive health habits.
  • Resources and information which empower your health journey.

After each session I write a summary to help you recall the new steps to take in the next week. I would work with you until you have achieved your goals and feel empowered to continue without me. Getting you to feel confident and largely self reliant about your health is the objective. This can take anywhere between six weeks to several months. 

What makes working with me unique?

  • My academic and research background helps me access scientific information more critically and discern what could potentially be useful to my clients.
  • I have overcome a chronic illness myself so I deeply empathise with the suffering many of my clients have experienced.
  • My clients find me compassionate, understanding and highly resourceful. They feel supported because I customise their steps to their individual needs.
  • I have experience with various health conditions in the people I have coached as well as the participants in my classes. I have experience teaching adults (Brain Fitness, StressLess, Qigong etc) and eliciting behaviour change 
  • Please see these testimonials to hear from my previous clients: https://riselife.org/testimonials/

Choose me if:

  • You are suffering from a chronic illness e.g. autoimmunity, prediabetes, acidity, anxiety, stress related illnesses or if you’d like to lose weight.
  • You would like to be empowered to take on a more proactive role in your health.

If my background sounds like it would be a good fit for you, please reach out. My email is jdhinakaran@wholebrainhealth.org or you can sign up in the form below. It would be my pleasure being your partner in your health journey!

Take charge of your lifestyle, take charge of your health.

Ana María

Hi, I’m Ana María, current in maternity leave and passionate about health coach. I’m living in New York with my husband and a baby girl. My lifelong love for wellness led me to graduate from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition (IIN) in 2017.

I take a holistic approach to health and wellness. I believe that all areas of our lives affect our wellbeing. Lack of sleep could be making you feel irritable and moody; work and relationship stress could elevate your food cravings and cause you to overeat. When we work together, we will look at how all parts of your life could disturb your health and we will craft a plan to reach YOUR specific goals.

My main goal is to help you create long lasting lifestyle changes. During our time together, I’ll guide you to establish healthy stress management techniques and a nutrition and exercise plan that works for your body and specific needs.

Feel free to email me at: maria1227@gmail.com

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