We are here to make healthy lifestyle changes FUN and easy to integrate. We want to empower you to take charge, become aware and proactively improve your brain health and enjoy the changes as it improves the rest of your life.

Dr. Stephen Cain DC


As President of the Whole Brain Health Initiative I organize our team meetings, facilitate goal setting and help with team building.  I also create the Fitness Trivia video series and help out wherever else I’m needed!  After getting my BS from the University of Michigan I ascertained a Doctor of Chiropractic.  During and after Chiropractic College I enrolled in post-graduate training in ‘Functional Neurology’ which is a natural approach to optimizing the nervous system.  I’m also an ACE certified Health Coach.  I believe that communication is an extremely important skill set which is why I’ve done about 6 years of Toastmasters International (public speaking and leadership organization).  While in Toastmasters I was lucky enough to win a multitude of public speaking awards.  My goal is to optimize the health and happiness of as many people as possible (including myself).

I founded WBHI along with Charles Hall in 2017.  I felt the need to start this organization because there is a massive gap between knowing what’s good for the brain and actually doing it.  By combining behavioral change psychology along with brain health science there is a massive opportunity to help many people and this excites me.  I really enjoy feeling the synergy with the team and the positive impact that it has on people’s lives.  I hope to see WBHI helping millions of people profoundly enhance the quality of their lives and catalyze the incorporation of effective behavioral change psychology into health care. 

Charles Hall

Executive Director

I act as Executive Director of Whole Brain Health overseeing the general direction and helping focus the overall direction of the organization and achieving its goals. I am a LVN (Licensed Vocational Nurse), certified professional Health and Wellness Coach, and co-founder of the Whole Brain Health Initiative and am an award winning speaker. My goals are to guide the Whole Brain Health Initiative to impact 1000 new people each year and to raise enough money for the organization to start 10 new virtual programs. Some achievements I am proud of are impacting over 30 unique communities over my three years of instructing Whole Brain Health programs and reaching over 1000 people through my programs and talks.

I became good friends with Dr. Cain as we started regularly coaching each other in the early mornings and brainstorming together about ideas on how to succeed in helping more and more people. I accepted his invitation to work on building Whole Brain Health in mid 2016 not long after he had finished registering the organization. I have run over 30 different brain classes and I enjoy most to work with others in an organization who are focused on lifestyle changes and having fun rather then simply learning information. I hope that WBH can bring more joy to a million peoples’ lives in the conscious approach of creating a healthier brain through self-sustained loving and supportive communities.

Dr. Janani Dhinakaran PhD

Program Director

I am a Program Director, Health Coach Lead, and Facilitator at WBHI. I have a Ph.D. in Neuropsychology, a Masters in Neuroscience, and a Bachelors in Biological sciences. I am also a certified Lifestyle Coach and have experience and training in teaching Brain Fitness, StressLess, Qigong, and YMCA’s CDC Diabetes Prevention Program. My aim is to make ever-larger impacts in the field of Preventive Health and to create a community that is empowered and proactive about their own health.

I founded Rise in 2016 and was practicing as a Mind-Body Health Coach and Wellness Speaker when I was invited by Steve (WBHI’s Founder) to join the team to advise on the Neuroscience content. I started as a Brain Club facilitator and quickly grew to take on the additional roles of Program Director, and Health Coach lead. I am an active Health Coach myself and I am creating a Brain Health Course Series which expounds upon the various lifestyle changes that aid in keeping the brain healthy. I also enjoy the challenges of growing a cause-driven organization and the talented people I work with. I am looking forward to the day where WBHI helps people internationally take on a lively and enjoyable path to better health.

Dr. Amrita Sharma PhD 

Research Head

I am the Lead Program Facilitator at Whole Brain Health Initiative. I have a PhD in social Psychology from India. My research topic is focussed on deep understanding of Aggression and development of Self-Concept among adolescents. My Master thesis explored the topic of Emotional Intelligence at college level students. I also have published papers in various journals. I did a Research Assistantship at Stanford university on Emotional Regulation in children with Autism/ADHD, and also supervises and writes for the WBHI blog.