Welcome to Brain Club!

This highly interactive class meets every Tuesday from 5-6pm PST.

The goals are for each participant to:


  • Adopt healthier habits for their brain
  • Experience noticeable health benefits
  • Connect with members of the community
  • Have fun

We have riddles, jokes, brain teasers, we play games that stimulate the brain in different ways. There is some breathing, meditation and movement too. We make sure to dedicate some time to social interaction to encourage community building while simultaneously exercising our attention and memory. Then we have some content presentation on how we can improve our health by learning about some lifestyle changes. Sometimes this is followed up by an activity we do together. This is a pretty action packed hour and everyone is welcome!

As a non-profit organization, our goal is to make classes accessible to anyone but we welcome donations to support our classes. We suggest $5 donation for each class.

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