Making Brain Health fun and accessible for all!


 A healthy brain leads to a healthy life. Sure, there is tons of information out there on how to improve brain health. Why not get it all in once place with OUR community-focused brain optimization programs! 


Want to sharpen cognitive skills, prevent age-related memory loss, and lower dementia risk? Here at Whole Brain Health Initiative, we have assembled a team of Neuroscientists and Behavioral Change specialists to help you prevent the decline of brain health as you age, improve your memory and reduce stress.


Our cognitive health programs are designed to keep your brain healthy and boost your mood. We want to make your journey to better brain health fun and simple. We offer virtual brain health programs where you can join group activities and exercises in a safe, welcoming environment.


We use interactive live classes with mind stimulating activities and brain games to boost brain power!


Our free health coaching services and premium health coaching also help you holistically in other areas of health so you’ll be restoring both your brain and body to full potential.


If you’re concerned about declining memory or Alzheimer’s, it’s never too late to make healthy lifestyle changes!



Come join our programs and strengthen your brain today!


Donate today!


Donations coming from people like you have helped us to scale from just one brain health community program helping 12 people to ten community brain health programs helping 120 seniors improve their brain health! With more support we can continue to grow our local community programs as well as an online presence which would enable us to help thousands of people!



Karen L.


“I initially thought I was already taking great care of my brain.  Then I agreed to do a free consultation with Dr. Cain and he pointed out a couple things I could improve on.  Since making these changes I’ve had more energy, my mind seems more alert, and I’m more excited.”

Carol Z.


“I know what needs to be done to manage the health and wellness of my brain and body, but it is Dr. Cain who challenges me to make this happen with his health coaching services and sincere commitment to helping others grow. I find I have better recall due to the application of memory techniques that I was taught. Improving my brain health has made me more alert, having better focus and feeling alive inside. I met Dr. Cain at a workshop that he was teaching about a year and a half ago and was so impressed with what he was doing to promote the importance of brain health that I joined Whole Brain Health Initiative to continue on this journey with him. Dr. Cain’s strong but gentle approach is what creates a successful program. I am grateful for his guidance.”

Jack T.


“As the newly 96 year senior citizen that I am, I was under the impression old people are supposed to be digressing.  Since I found Whole Brain Health, and listened to the good doctor, I find I have a rejuvenation in my brain.  This is spreading into my physical activities as I am doing more and I find that I am enjoying my days much better now.”


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