Why We're Unique:

For the vast majority of people, merely telling them what's good for their brain won't translate into them actually doing it on a long term basis.  The Whole Brain Health Initiative is the only organization that adequately addresses this fundamental gap between knowing what's good for you, and actually doing it.  In providing the best resources to help people adopt sustainable brain healthy habits, the WBHI will be leading a new frontier in the world of brain health many years to come.

core values/beliefs

  • Leading with your heart

  • Having fun while doing what's best for your brain

  • Consistently experiencing the benefits of a healthy lifestyle


To make the world a more brain healthy place.


Have at least 70% of the entire world meeting the CDC’s recommendations for physical exercise.

Our nonprofit's vision statement:

"A world in which the rates of Dementia are significantly reduced, people recovering from Traumatic Brain Injuries are guided to the quickest and best recovery possible, people at the workplace are performing more effectively, children perform better in school, and anyone else who wants to enhance their brain’s performance and longevity is enabled to successfully do so.

This occurs after several fundamental shifts are made in the way people approach this.  Instead of aimlessly following the fad of the month, people are empowered to tactfully prioritize what changes would serve their own individual brain best.  Secondly, people utilize behavioral change sciences to implement the changes in a sustainable manner.  Lastly, people are monitoring their brain performance in a way where they know they are making the best of their brain."


"To Help People Optimize Their Brain Health, Fulfill Their Mind's Potential, And To Have Fun Throughout The Journey"






Easily accessible, personal assessments

Programs and resources designed to promote sustainable behavioral change

Support and guidance for long-term success