Kirinroop Carolina Israel, M.A.   Integrative health consultant

Kirinroop Carolina Israel, M.A., is an Integrative Psychotherapist, Spirit Coach, Group Facilitator, Kundalini Yoga Teacher and Writer.  She holds a Master’s degree both in Gestalt Psychotherapy and Integrative Health Studies. She is an interpersonal alchemist that works on enhancing the human consciousness towards spirituality, well-being, personal growth, quality of life, and human virtues. She has been studying and working with integrative perspectives and mind-body-spirit modalities for almost a decade. Kirinroop advises on best practices for sustainable and integrative coaching programs.


joshua miglialo

Born and raised in Montreal, Canada, Josh has placed a large importance on maximizing brain function while pursuing his education full-time. Through his consistency and determined work ethic, he has completed his first semester in college with an overall grade average of 97%, with a full course load. Using his IT work experience, he remotely volunteers by providing website design related work that he hopes will help others maximize their brain efficiency.