Can you see how leading with your heart could be the best thing to do for your brain?   This notion is particularly relevant in the brain health community.  With such a strong emphasis on the brain, we can forget about the organ that pumps the lifeline through the brain, we can forget which organ actually developed first in-utero, and we can forget about the organ that communicates that we care (people don’t care what you know until they know that you care).

Here are the top three reasons why your brain will benefit when you lead with your heart…

  1. Your posture will improve, leading to better breathing mechanics, resulting in better oxygenation to your brain.  Pay attention to when you feel like you’re following your heart vs your brain.  You’ll notice that when you follow your heart, it literally moves forward relative to the rest of your body.  This posturing, with the head back and the chest forward, creates better breathing mechanics.  When you breath better, you’ll have more optimal oxygen levels circulating through your brain on a regular basis.
  2. Your stress levels will reduce.  There is something very calming about leading with the heart.  There is a certain type of comfort that comes from doing what your heart knows is the right thing to do.  Following the heart tends to simplify things too.
  3. You’ll connect better with others.  When your own prerogatives take the back seat to helping others, people will pick up on this and they will open themselves up to connect with you.  Socialization, particularly when there is a connection, is one of the best forms of stimulation for the brain.

A few questions for you to ponder...

How can you lead more with your heart?  What benefits would you realize upon doing so?