What would your life be like if you made improving your brain a habit?  Undoubtedly, life would be better and here's some reasons why:

  • You can remember more (in work and your personal life)
  • You can make quick and well calculated decisions
  • You can accomplish more throughout your days

This post will give you an outline on how to make this happen.  While it’s not easy, it will most certainly be worth it!

After leading brain health programs for years now, I’ve come to realize there are 4 essential questions we need to ask ourselves in order to make meaningful and sustained results.  Each questions gets tougher to answer than the previous question.  They are:

  1. Can you make meaningful improvements to your brain?
  2. Why would these improvements be worth you investing your time, energy, and/or money?
  3. What changes will provide the greatest benefits to your brain?
  4. How do you best approach making these changes sustainable?

Can you make meaningful improvements? If you don’t believe something is possible, you’re probably not going to attempt it, let alone stick with it.  Many people have limiting beliefs about their genetics, their resources, and their will power.  The truth is, that for 99% of us, we can make meaningful improvements.  Very few of us are genetically doomed for an unfortunate fate.  Furthermore, very few of us are utilizing the resources we do have efficiently.  Believing in your own capacity for improvement is an extremely important component of your health.  This is why Harvard has it top 3 in their list of "7-ways-to-keep-your-memory-sharp-at-any-age."  http://www.health.harvard.edu/healthbeat/7-ways-to-keep-your-memory-sharp-at-any-age

 Why will making these improvements be worth investing your time, energy, and/or money? Once you believe that you can make changes, it's time to contemplate what motivates you intrinsically.  What brain improvements  excite you the most?  Is it improved focus?  Better memory?  Enhanced problem solving skills?  Avoiding dementia?  Learning a new language more readily?  When you can see these improvements very distinctly in your mind’s eye you will be much more driven to take action.  Emotion is at the seed of every action we take.  The better we internalize our “why” the better primed we are to make sustained progress.

What changes will provide the greatest benefit to your brain?  We all know plenty of things that are good for the brain.  Over the last several years of asking large groups, “What’s good for the brain?” I always get plenty of accurate responses: exercise, blue berries, yoga, olive oil, crossword puzzles.   The list could go on forever.  However, when I ask the follow up question, “Of all the brain boosters you just mentioned, which ones are going to provide you (as an individual) the greatest benefits?” responses come to a screeching halt. This is where people get lost.  In the sea of endless opportunities for brain enhancement, very few programs help people prioritize their specific needs.  Learn how to delineate what's best for you.  Our (upcoming) online videos, workshops, free one-on-one consult, and blog will help you do so.

How do you best approach making these changes sustainable? This is the toughest question of all.  Once you’ve figured out what it is that will best benefit your brain, it will most likely be something you already knew you should be doing.  Why aren't you making these changes?  75% of people need guidance or coaching when it comes to making lifestyle changes.  A good coach will provide you with:

  • A well encompassing plan
  • A journey that is exciting and fun
  • The support you need to reach your goals

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